How do you cultivate culture?

For better or worse, Adobe doesn’t make an Agency Culture package yet. It’s not something you can simply subscribe to and drop into place. The clue’s in the name: culture must be cultivated. It’s nurtured, over time, by people who care about each other and the environment they work in. The raw ingredients? We find that energy and positivity, time, open doors and listening ears work pretty well. Pizza and prosecco help too.

Some of us have worked in places where the culture wasn’t great. That means we knew what we didn’t want, which was a great place to start. Many of us have also worked in places where the culture was amazing, so we’ve learned from those too. We also happen to be very, very lucky with our people. They’re a brilliant bunch, fizzing with ideas and raring to make a difference. They know when to be daft, and when to do the graft – and it’s that magic mixture of the two that makes our culture one we treasure.


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