Right from our inception, one of our key motivators at Different Narrative has been to create change for good, not only in the world of marketing but in the wider world. Giving back gives something back to all of us.

This year, we’ve pledged to make a difference in:


Addressing homelessness in the North East, by partnering with local support and donating skills, time and/or fundraising capabilities.

Mental health

Promoting mental health, by supporting MIND through team fundraising activities, and by building an active wellbeing committee to promote good mental health amongst our colleagues.

Championing talent

Championing new talent in our industry, by partnering with further and higher education providers to share our knowledge and expertise, offering mentoring and placement opportunities, and re-establishing a summer school.

Nurturing young imaginations

Building on our partnership with Seven Stories and donating our skills and time to foster creativity and literacy in children and young people.