Wednesday 6th December 2023


It’s that time of year again, advent calendars out, Christmas socks on and of course Christmas adverts aplenty. We all now wait in anticipation in mid-October to early November to see the latest batch of festive feasts and it’s not quite Christmas until we’ve seen them all.

The Christmas advert has become a cultural phenomenon that aims to do more than just sell products. They aspire to capture the timeless spirit of Christmas, through seasonal stories of family, giving, nostalgia and emotion, all with a scintillating soundtrack.

Any festive frolic needs to reference the traditional and familiar, established through years of associations and brand building. So, this means keeping the snow, the tinsel, the jingle bells, and all of the feelgood associations of what makes Christmas, Christmas.

Behind each advert are specific themes which make them instant Christmas crackers. At the heart of every good Christmas ad is a story – something that resonates and lingers in the mind of the viewer, making a real emotional connection. That could be through the tale of a dad-to-be learning to skateboard or Michael Bublé taking up a new role in Asda.

With a tinsel-tastic story in place, it’s time to really inject that Christmas oomph, be it by pulling on the heartstrings, adding a touch of humour, having a spectacular music track, or having a furry friend or Christmas character make an appearance. All of these things combined make for a Christmas ad that sticks in your memory for years to come.

This year’s releases have been the topic of conversation for a few weeks at Different Narrative HQ. So. we thought we would do a (North) poll and find out which supermarket Christmas ad was our favourite.

Who gains the DN seal of approval?

This year Tesco came out top with their ‘Helping you #BecomeMoreChristmas’ spot which is also my personal favourite. We all know the feeling of popping to the shops and seeing the Christmas aisle for the first time. You get that instant festive feeling of excitement about what’s coming. Well, I know I definitely do! Morrisons came in a close second, with Lidl and Tui not far behind. But really, we loved them all!

Jolly japes and jumpers? A banging soundtrack, or a chance to raise an important issue in an unforgettable way? What do you think makes a great Christmas ad?

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