Thursday 12th October 2023


Black Friday frenzy is already approaching! Don’t be left behind.

One of the year’s biggest shopping events is closing in fast, so don’t fall behind your competitors and miss those early opportunities to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

PPC Manager David Martin talks us through some top tips to navigate the UK market over the next six weeks to convert eager shoppers into loyal customers.


1. Prime your bidding strategy

If you’re seeking loads of traffic start running max clicks today. If it’s sales you’re after though, run and optimise max conversions to allow for scale up when Black Friday arrives. Prioritise channels and platforms that have historically yielded the best results for your business.


2. Expect to spend more

Competition will be at its highest, and you don’t want to get drowned out. Ensure your budgets are generating respectable impressions and factor in higher CPCs from increased competition. Now is not the time for conservative budgets but an opportunity to stay visible amid heightened competition.


3. Identify & target relevant keywords

Consider keywords such as ‘your product + Black Friday’ and ‘your product + discount/sale’. During this period, searches for ‘sale’ related keywords increase sharply. Avoid ‘free’ unless relevant! Of course, don’t forget to create eye-catching content which will help your business cut through the inevitable ‘black’ news feed.


4. Match your product to the audience

People want a bargain but you need to make sure your offering is appropriate for this. Will running a Black Friday discount on accountancy fees be beneficial or damaging to your business? Don’t partake just for the sake of it, find your fit and the audience will respond in kind.


5. Remarketing is King

Too often the pressures that come with Searchers will be visiting your site and shopping around for deals, and may not return, especially with the threat of retailers like Amazon. Ensure you can re-engage your offer by remarketing across all relevant platforms.


Black Friday might be hovering on the horizon but its close enough that now is the time to act. Strategic planning should be well underway but remember to be confident in your offering. Don’t worry about FOMO. So many businesses feel pressured into discounts and participate in a race to the bottom. Yes, everyone is out for a deal, but if you’re good, you’re good. Back yourself. 

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