For your brand to have the most impact, you need to be crystal clear about who you’re talking to. Here’s how we brought personas into the mix for DFDS.

International cruise-ferry giant DFDS talks to a whole range of target audiences, and we created customer personas to bring them to life, providing clarity and focus for every conversation they needed to have.

We took a deep dive into DFDS’s existing customer data which told us how their customer base behaves when they travel. We combined this with sociodemographic data, and survey-based research to find out more about what drives DFDS customers, more about their background and behaviours too.

This all distilled down into personas, condensed customer portraits, which made DFDS’s customer-driven approach even simpler, and helped humanise existing and potential audiences.

Not only did this project form a basis for all DFDS marketing communications, it also allowed them to understand which customer needs needed to be prioritised. This in turn helped with the development of new products and offers.

It was also a boon to business objectives, clearly identifying which audiences proved the best bet for growth.

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