When your client sells baby products, every project is explosive with potential cuteness. This brand review project brought consistency and cuteness to the customer experience. A powerful combination.

We’ve worked with Nuby for many years, on a huge range of projects. They’re a challenger brand with a tone of voice that lends itself to humour, fun and really great creative work. We’re fans.

This tone of voice was one we helped to create, and as it evolved throughout campaigns, and the conversation with our audience became ever more fragmented, it became clear to everybody involved that a brand review was needed to maintain consistency and unlock more potential to connect with our audience.

We started with a good chat, otherwise known as a brand workshop. Agency and client came together to really thrash out Nuby’s brand story and tone of voice. We needed these to have impact with our audience, and marry up with Nuby’s business objectives.

This interactive workshop quickly identified the areas we wanted to focus on, and from there it was a case of producing brand guidelines that were flexible enough to work for all creative going forwards – whether for breast pumps or baby toys, and provide the consistency crucial to maintain a strong brand.

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