Vistry Group


A new approach that not only effected a shift in campaign strategy but also in public perception of the brands.

Vistry Group was formed in January 2020, bringing together the energy and experience of Bovis Homes, Linden Homes and the newly named Vistry Partnerships to form one modern, forward thinking business, focused on delivering for customers. A top-five UK housebuilder, the group has an annual turnover in excess of £2 billion.

Historically, campaign management took diverse paths and focused on the short term, each brand running different quarterly campaigns with a tactical approach.

Our brief was to add sizzle to each brand proposition, to reflect the true values of Bovis and Linden’s respective offerings, and to create a single over-arching campaign for each brand, built with longevity in mind and a ‘one voice’, brand-led approach that balanced both brand and tactical activity.

Research insight confirmed that due to pandemic lockdowns most people have been spending more time at home than before. That led to people reappraising what they value most in their home – and that mindset has remained beyond the pandemic. Priorities include room for families, a home office, chef-friendly kitchens, private gardens, access to recreational spaces nearby, good broadband, eco-friendliness, and suburbs over cities.


Share of branded search leapt above and has consistently topped that of nearest competitor.

We needed to create a lasting creative platform for Vistry Group to cement its position as an expert companion for homebuyers, based on these changing wants and needs. Using the new consumer mindset insight, we developed two creative platforms as enduring campaign springboards: ‘Improve with a move’ for Bovis, encapsulating a feeling of confident sophistication and creating a better life, and ‘Unlock more’ for Linden, reflecting its young, fun ethos. Each platform tapped in specifically to the mindset of its respective brand audiences, together positioning Bovis and Linden as trusted companions across the entire homebuyer journey and landscape.

Deliverables spanned creation of campaign assets across multiple channels: TV, VOD, email, programmatic display, social, regional office marketing toolkits, tone of voice guidelines for local sales and marketing teams, and seasonal campaign adaptations. We partnered closely with Vistry’s in-house marketing and creative team to ensure that the new assets aligned with its existing brand guidelines.


The group’s new approach didn’t just bring about a shift in its campaign strategy. It brought a shift in people’s perception of the brands. Moving towards more brand awareness and building equity alongside the existing tactical activity shared what sets Bovis and Linden apart from competitors, building brand equity and recognition among customers and the wider public for the long as well as the short term. Search query data shows that Bovis’ share of branded Google search has overtaken and consistently topped that of its nearest competitor post-launch, a proven measure of relative brand health, future consumer demand and growth.

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