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Deciding on the right marketing route for your company can often be a complicated business. Do you opt for the specialist in brand communications, target the expert advertising or PR agency, or try to find one that covers all of your marketing needs?

Budgeting for your objectives will always be a consideration, but delivery of a unique message which remains aligned and consistent across all communication channels – both internal and external – means that an integrated marketing communications approach is the best way forward.

Here, Kieron Goldsborough, Chief Executive Officer at Different Narrative, a leading end-to-end marketing services provider, delves into the benefits of the integrated world, and how you can reap the rewards for keeping all your marketing needs under one roof.

Increased brand awareness to a larger audience

Whatever your goals are as a business, from building an SME into a larger organisation or targeting a wider market reach, brand awareness will always support those objectives. By plumping for an integrated approach, you can use a diverse spectrum of tools to engage more of your target audience and it’s an excellent approach for growing your business.


Improved results

Cohesion is key to a successful marketing campaign. Often, a project that is split across multiple agencies or teams can look disorganised and erratic, sending out mixed messages about the client’s products and services. When you have one big and beautiful marketing machine, the results are clear. A concise message which remains consistent is always going to land better with your audience. After all, your customers need to hear your message at least seven times before considering your product.

Improved brand image

And that brings us to your brand image. That consistent message will carry through not only your external news releases but sit across any blogs or content you post on your company website, as well as social media, logos and tone of voice. A unified approach makes your brand image easier to manage while giving you the best chance to maximise your market impact.

Cost effective in multitude of ways

We all know that profit margins are key, but how do you get the best bang for your buck? By taking the integrated marketing communications route of course! Not only will you reduce unnecessary costs and save time by having your complete marketing team in one space, but you’ll be able to reinvest that saved time and resource in higher quality content outputs. The united messages will always gain more traction that uncoordinated commercials and your increased return of investment will underline those savings.

Increased team morale and efficiency

Improved communications across your teams will put less pressure on your staff, which in turn will allow them to spend more time focusing on quality. It is ultimately, going to have a morale-boosting impact. The added bonus will be a more efficient workforce, streamlined communications and improved productivity.

Reduced confusion and maintained focus

Confusion is probably the quickest ways to lose customers and will prove damaging to those brand awareness goals. That clear and consistent brand messaging will not only reinforce your business objectives but will leave little doubt about the promotions or services you are offering.

The integrated approach will also minimise the risk of conflicted messages, while boosting focus and good working relationships within your organisation. When you sync all the parties within your company, you’ll create an impactful campaign.


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