Monday 20th February 2023


As a key tool for brand exposure and credibility, paid media harnesses a great deal of power for marketing campaigns. From digital display ads to large format billboards, radio commercials to TV campaigns, getting the most bang for your buck can be a tricky route to navigate. So, we asked our in-house media buying expert, Claire Turnbull, to look at five key tips and tricks for media buying success.

1. Don’t be afraid to negotiate prices – getting value for money is key regardless of your budget

When it comes to buying media, the importance of negotiation should not be underestimated. Media rate cards are just the start of the conversation of course, but knowing the type of media you wish to purchase, where you want to place your campaign, getting added value and how your ads are measured will all give you scope to haggle on the quoted price.


2. Do your research – ensure that the media mix you invest in maximises visibility amongst your desired audience

Visibility of your campaign is crucial to its success. Invest time researching the sites you are investing in. There’s nothing worse than your digital screen being blocked by some scaffolding that has recently been installed in close proximity to a prime location. With today’s fragmented media consumption, it is important to think beyond just one route to media buying success too to ensure multiple bites at interaction with your target audience.


3. Have a clear understanding of your target audience – you need to minimise wastage in your advertising

Take the time to develop an in-depth picture of your target audience. If you don’t narrow down your audience enough, you run the risk of wastage with your ad impressions playing out to people who don’t correlate with your brand objectives. High-quality content for an engaged audience will hit the mark across a mix of media avenues but you need to ensure that your message hits with an engaged consumer.


4. Nurture those media partner relationships – business success comes through building key connections

Building up a strong book of media partner contacts can help your campaign no end. Repeat success can often come through the networks you build. Knowing people in the right spaces will give you opportunities to access optimal spaces, so make sure to develop and nurture relationships with key channel owners.


5. Keep abreast of new and emerging media platforms to stay ahead of your competitors

The advertising landscape is constantly changing, so staying up to date with media trends and emerging platforms should enable you to pioneer new opportunities and maximise results for your organisation or your client. At the end of the day, if you’re ahead of the curve, you have firsts dibs on providing the best recommendations for your client.


To ensure you secure quality media space in front of your desired audience, make sure to take the time to scope your project and speak to the experts. Getting your head around the right channel mix, the correct locations and negotiating the best costs is not always easy. Chat about your media buying options with Claire and the team in more detail at

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