Helping Europe’s leading specialist flooring retailer stay one step ahead of its hungry competition.

Carpetright’s primary business objective is to help customers transform their homes, whether they choose to shop in store or online, through the brand’s multi-channel proposition.

We are a key Carpetright partner for advertising, branding and social media creative asset delivery, tone of voice and creative research testing and tracking.

Carpetright’s new advertising campaign was based on strategic positioning centred on expertise. As the UK’s number 1 flooring destination, the brand sought to leverage its market-leading know-how to support home transformations.

Seizing back the crown in share of search

‘Expertise’ as a positioning platform provided a clear differentiator for Carpetright, substantiated by the brand’s heritage, UK coverage and customer satisfaction ratings. Customer feedback shone with glowing stories of legendary staff knowledge and how this had helped people make flooring decisions they were really happy with. Inspired by these stories, a new campaign of ‘portraits’ was created, demonstrating Carpetright’s staff expertise through twelve fun scenarios, showcasing:

  • Carpet
  • Hard flooring
  • Breadth of range
  • Buying expertise
  • Measuring and estimating
  • Fitting
  • Free samples service
  • Customer service, from end to end

Creative scripts were tested at an early development stage prior to production, to confirm that sample audiences found them distinctive, likeable, memorable and understandable. This enabled tweaks and refinements to be made ahead of investment in cast, music, location and studio TV shoots, ensuring maximum value for budget.

‘No one knows more about floors’ launched in autumn 2021 across multi-channel activity including:

  • UK-wide TV advertising
  • Lifestyle programme TV sponsorship
  • VOD
  • Radio
  • Social media
  • Programmatic display
  • Web content supporting the campaign


The new approach clearly resonated with UK homeowners: Share Of Search data comparing Carpetright to its competitors, shows that Carpetright’s share of branded organic search leapt and remained significantly above that of its nearest competitors from the off: Carpetright’s mental availability increased as a result of the new campaign and this translated into more people thinking about the brand in a buying situation. Proof that UK homeowners agree, no one knows more about floors than Carpetright.

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