Winsor & Newton


Writing a new brand manifesto to champion the power of making our mark.

Since 1832, Winsor & Newton has been constantly innovating to help creators develop and flourish with one of the widest portfolios of art materials in the world. A passionate exponent of the belief that the creative process helps us grow, the company is driven by its vision for every artist to experience the rewards of that growth. That’s why every product it makes and every initiative that bears the Winsor & Newton name is planned, developed and created ‘through the eyes of the artist’, with the insight, desires and needs of creators at their core.

We worked with the company to write a new brand manifesto to bring this core proposition to life and share its values with the world.

For us, a brand that lives and breathes ‘through the eyes of the artist’ needed to speak with an artist’s vision, choosing and deploying its words as an artist uses colour to express emotion. And as the artists’ ally, Winsor & Newton is passionate about championing the power of art to drive change and growth – be it on a private, personal level or in wider society. The brand manifesto is a painting in words, an expression of how it feels to grow through the creative process, and a statement of belief.

We also helped to create a brand video to promote the manifesto, showing the process of making art through the eyes of the artist, interspersed with close-up footage of the artists’ eyes to give a sense of the emotional connection they feel with their work.


The new brand campaign launched in February 2024 and has been very well received, with many positive engagements across Winsor & Newton’s social channels.

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